Meeting with Chut In Chennai Express ( Full Sex Story)

Meeting with Chut In Chennai Express ( Full Sex Story)

Today I gonna Share a story about my Meeting with Chut In Chennai Express ( Full Sex Story). So let’s start it…

Friends, I am from Sahil Sagar, Worli Mumbai. I am a big fan of intercession. I am reading stories on this site since 2009. Actually, when I took admission in college, after a few days I went to a friend’s room. On the other hand, a friend of all of them had opened the site of intercity on the laptop and I was seen to it, after that the intercity was my favorite. Whenever I got the chance, I used to read stories of intercession. I also thought that there was a story for me, which I can share with you. I have read many stories, have made lots of emails too. Some of the answers also came, some did not even come. Some girls also shared their photos.

Well .. whatever it is, I’ll come to the story. I am writing the story for the first time and I have not been able to write anything on the mobile, and I have not written a few words correctly. You will read my mistakes while ignoring these mistakes.

Meeting with Chut In Chennai Express ( Full Sex Story)

It happened that I was going to Mumbai from Chennai. I had come to CST station on time. It is known by many people as VT. I reached there and the train got out of CST at the scheduled time.

After some time, the train reached Dadar and from there two women came with a little girl and sat in front of me. Actually, there were both sisters and who was elder, she slept on the upper seat, who was younger, she looked like a virgin. She was playing with that little girl.

To see the younger sister was just plain from the face. Its length would be 5’2 “, but its figure was very tremendous. Especially his ass was very sexy. His cheats looked like 32 inches.

After a little while sitting, slowly we started getting the eyes of both of us and he started to open me a lot openly. But I was feeling a little uncomfortable because there were more people in that compartment. In the presence of all of them, he was being struck by the winds and I was killing the line.

I was completely confident when he asked me for a water bottle and I gave him the same bottle of water, which I was drinking. He also started drinking water in a bottle and started drinking water.

Now after that, he was even more open. Both of these games continued for a long time and then they started asking for my mobile number, which was whitespace. He started gesturing to me, but I did not give any reply.

After some time he asked for a pen and went into the bathroom. While leaving, he wrote his whitsap number on a small piece of paper and gave it to me. Then after some time, Poona came to the station and then she went away.

After this, there was nothing left to do, so I slept and on the second day, I reached Chennai.

After this, we both started chatting on WhatsApp But I did not talk much because she had a boyfriend and she was also a Serious. The boy had done fuck with him many times, as he told me in the chat.

Then both of us used to do the same thing. There was also talk about each other’s sex life. He had so much open talk of sex that he even used to tell that he does not like to kiss her.

Then one day he sent me a message on WhatsApp, that he had to see my cock. So I raised my cocks and sent some photos of Lund to him.
She quotes that she should have a video of my cock
I said that it is not possible now.

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Because at that time all were at home. But he began to insist, so I told him a lesson. He became angry after hearing the words of the sage. Even then, I made a video like a cock and sent it to him.

Then for a few days, the messages stopped coming. When I hit the mobile format or I do not know if it’s SIM change then again its number appears in the mobile’s WhatsApp list.

After that, when I did the message, he told me that his boyfriend had blocked me.
Then there happened a few days and Hi there again and the message stopped coming again.
I did not pay much attention to him and tell him the truth, I forgot about him.

I started to work on my work, in fact, I work for a multinational company and my office is in Lower Parel. I live near where I live, but after a year I was transferred to Vashi and after some days I came to the police station.

In such a day, I had to leave the office very soon, because I had never had Badlapur, sometimes Ambernath, Bhiwandi, and then had to go to Ulhasnagar, then I was coming back home. As soon as I approached my building, my phone came from Anjana number on my mobile. As soon as I received the phone ‘Ummah .. Ummah ..’ What kind of rain started to rain?
I was in confusion.

Then the lady asked, “How are you?”
I gave her a ripple of these things and asked- who are you, madam? Perhaps you have dialed the wrong number by mistake.

Yet he constantly kept asking me something. That quote- Do not recognize me?
I said – no.
So that quote- how many girls do you date?

I started smiling, then he told me his name so loudly I said – oh are you, where have you been from so many days?
So that quote- Tell me is the place in your house or is there a flat room for a friend?
I said – no, there is no such place .. why it happened .. say this?
Then that quote- I have not had sex since last 6 months, I have been broken. Please tell me someplace, I come here and there. I have to have sex. There is a lot of fire.

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As soon as the lottery came out, I started to convince him that I have no place. After a lot of explanation, he agreed and he invited me to his house.
I started thinking that I would like to

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